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Gurdeep Ambulance service is an emerging name in the sector of patient transportation to and from the hospital. Our ambulances are equipped with latest technologies and trained staff to deal with any sort of medical problems. All our ambulances are designed to meet the global standards.

We have been serving the people of tricity i.e. Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. The staff is well versed and certified. They are expert enough to deal with the patients when shifting them to and from hospital.

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    In any emergency you can rely on us and call: 9914220130

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    24 Hours Ambulance

    Ambulance With Body Freezer

    Ambulance Service for Max Hospital Phase 6 Mohali

    Ambulance Service Events

    Ambulance with ventilator


    24 Hours Ambulance

    The road ambulance program is a critical component of the health care system and is often the first point of contact for people in an emergency situation. Contact us to book and know how we can help.


    Ambulance With Body Freezer

    Gurdeep Ambulances are equipped with portable ventilators or automatic transport ventilators that usually house a life support system, overseen by paramedics. Book Us Now !


    Ambulance Service Events

    Providing the 24 Hours Dead body ambulance service according to the patient requirement is one of our most important concerns. Book an ambulance with ease on our website

    Gurdeep Ambulance Service With Bentiliter

    Ambulance with ventilator

    We offers standby ambulance services for special events. We understand that big events could have a probability of someone being ill or injured. Contact us to book and know how we can help.

    24 hours Ambulance

    Our advance life support ambulances are set with the life saving machines like ventilator, cardiac monitors, suction machine, infusion pumps, Defibrillator etc. and having all exigency life saving medications, hence giving a setting of intensive care unit (ICU) of any hospice. We have expert doctors and skilled para medical staff who provides suggestive cure and expert medical care while on the way throughout transport of scarily ill patients in our confidential ambulance services with ICU facilities in Tricity.

    Ambulance with freezer

    We have stylish network for the ambulances that help to support patients. The perilously ill patients or hurt patients get the bed to bed service. Ambulance is the way throughout which one can get medicine soon in the requisite hospital. Fast ambulance service in Mohali has helped lots of people to reach the hospital in many stern cases. Ambulance service max hospital Mohali has become one of the simplest ways to get ambulance anytime. We are the best ambulance service supplier in the city that transfers patients from distant or urban areas to the Hospital.

    Ambulance Service for Max Hospital Phase 6 Mohali

    Ambulance service events

    In our ambulance, there are lots of things. The flash lights and sirens assist them to come out from the traffic simply. A person who is stern injured or who requires to meet physiotherapist and psychiatrist they can also take our service. Such things help you to call for best ambulance service in Mohali. Here you an end your research for the top ambulance service in the tricity. Our Ambulance service will benefit you with all the medical services required in urgent situation in their ambulance. This makes a person to recuperate fast.

    Ambulance with Ventilator

    We also avail the service of Ambulance with Ventilator always that serve up the patients for 24X7 and have other desired gear for the safety of the patient while travelling. Our services are obtainable for 24X7 for each person. Our ambulance has specially fixed life support system and the staff has good information about the health. They know how to hold a patient in emergency. We are also perfect for long distance transfers because of the size and design. Till now we have saved many patients even also from the distant places and also from built-up areas. We have disciplined and prearranged way of working. We have all sorts of the proficiency who deals with each trouble of patient.


    Satish KumarSatish Kumar
    19:03 10 Aug 21
    A Excellent Ambulance service in Chandigarh, I took his Ambulance service from Chandigarh to Ambala cantt, I fully satisfied with thier services and Hospitality,nice and good condition ambulance, even affordable price. Thanks Gurdeep jee and his team
    Ashu SinghAshu Singh
    05:19 30 Apr 21
    Good service ambulance
    07:51 25 Aug 20
    Excellent service with decent behaviour of driver.Professionally good.
    Kulwinder singhKulwinder singh
    07:13 25 Aug 19
    Good service in tricity to transport the critical patient doctor and Ambulance technician both r very helpful
    Narinder SinghNarinder Singh
    14:28 24 Aug 19
    Highly equipped very neat and clean and affordable ambulance I like there service


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